Ultimaker CURA 14.01 and EASY3DMAKER



CURA is a beatiful piece of software downloadable for free from the Ultimaker website. Have been trying the different versions lately with my EASY3DMAKER. For sure one of the best software out there, when it comes to manage the support structures with a mono extruder machine.

Although now version 14.07 is available, I am using version 14.01 which appears to be the best choice (Win 8 – 64 bit).

Milano Design Week 2014 – From-To by Martino Gamper

Such a pleasure to receive by mail the confirmation, I was welcomed to the “From-To” event curated by Martino Gamper at the Milano Design Week 2014.

Amongst the huge “bordel” which has become this event lately, it is reassuring that somebody still is focused in finding and showing excellence in design conception and execution. For sure, from my point of view, one of the best temporary exhibitions seen in Milano in the last years: well done Martino.

Cherry on the cake: the venue, a beautiful building from Luigi Caccia Dominioni which well framed the exquisite objects found in the apartement.


Filament jamming printer

I don’t know if it was bad luck or bad product (or both).

The 1.75 PLA filament from FormFutura is randomly spun over the spool. The filament gradually fed to the 3dprinted “falls” causing pinching and continuous blocking of the 3d printer.

Very, very bad experience. I include a photo comparing the filament from 3Dfactories (which is definitely more expensive, but worth the value).

Using the Easy3dmaker


I have been using the Easy3dmaker for three months now. I am overall very satisfied of this machine.

I would recommend this machine for the early prototyping stages.

Compared to equivalent models available on the market I would say:

– Built like a tank

– Large printing area 200x200x230mm (heated build plate).

– Relatively cheap

– Built with standard industrial components available on market.

The same machine with dual extruders to improve print of support structures would be a dream.

Link to manufacturer:


New website

New website. New host. New blog. New projects.
And most of all setting new goals (from which the quote above).